Which bristles should I choose?

Brushes with SYNTHETIC BRISTLES are best used with all water- and oil-based paints, enamels, and glazing paints. Synthetic bristles are durable. By combining long, short, straight and curved birstles, the desired firmness and paint-holding ability is obtained.
Synthetic bristles don´t draw up water in the same way as a brush with natural bristles, but instead retain their firmness throughout the painting work.

Brushes with NATURAL BRISTLES should be used with oil-based paints and enamels. Natural bristles draw up water and lose their firmness and are therefore not suitable for use with water-based paints.

Brushes with MIXED BRISTLES can be used with all water- and oil-based paints, enamels, and glazing paints. Mixed bristles contain a mixture of synthetic and natural filaments, thereby combing the best qualities of these materials in order to create an all-round brush suited to all types of painting.


What paint brush should I use?

For all painting, it´s important to choose the right brush for the type of paint being used. Also the handle is important. The ergonomics needs to be designed so that the handle feel soft and comfortable in the hand.

We have a complete range that covers all needs. Professional painters, with stringent requirements, comprise a demanding group that feel at home among our quality brushes and tools.
Home decorators, wanting a professional result, have all the opportunity to find the product they want.
To the cost-conscious buyer, looking for brushes and tools for simpler tasks, we can happily offer a broad range of products offering great value for money.

Decorating & Paper hanging

Tools for all needs

The quality of your work depends on the tools used. It´s not just the brush that is important for a good final result. In order for the final result to be the best possible during painting and wallpapering, a large range of tools is needed. We offer a tool range of high class, suited to both professionals and home decorators.
For easier work, we recommend our wallpaper brush or wallpaper tool, sharp knives and wallpaper cutter.